Published by Chandigarh Business School of Administration
CGC, Landran Mohali, Punjab-INDIA

Instructions to Reviewers

1. Any person interested as reviewer for Biz and Bytes can send his/ her resume with proven track record of paper publications in Scopus or ABDC or any renowned Listed Journals.
2. Interview with Dean Research and Director-Principal, CBSA.
3. Each Manuscript will be forwarded to two reviewers as per publication schedule.
4. Initial Feedback from reviewers is sought between 10-15 days in the specified format.
5. Revised papers will be resend for final review.
6. They might need to re-review an already reviewed paper, as the case may be.

Peer-review Policy

Identity of reviewer as well as author will not be disclosed to each other under any circumstances.
Number of reviewers per paper: Two (experts in the respective field) Role of Reviewer: To review the paper keeping in view journal's guidelines and reputation with focus on maintaining quality in research paper.

Publication Policy

1. Acknowledge the paper already submitted as per schedule.
2. Forwarding the paper two reviewers without the name and affiliations of the authors.
3. Collection of reviewers reports in specified format.
4. Editor to share Reviewer Feedback with authors with a request to make necessary changes within a week’s time.
5. Editor to resend the modified paper to same reviewers who reviewed the paper earlier for their final feedback.
6. In case, the paper gets rejected by both reviewers, the same will be communicated to respective authors.
7. The authors whose papers have been finalized are requested to submit duly-signed scanned copy of ‘Declaration-cum-Copyright Form’ within two days.
8. Only those papers will be made available online for which ‘Declaration-cum-Copyright Form’ has been received and also fulfill other terms and conditions of the journal.
9. In case any discrepancy still persists, authors can contact Editor within three days for further modification.
10. The papers now finalized will be forwarded to press for first proof of publication.
11. The Editor will send the first proof of the paper to respective authors for obtaining feedback within two days.